Powerpoint Presentations from the PREFER Summit 2012 are now available for download and viewing.


Keynote Speaker: Nora Jacobson     Peers as Dignity Workers


Panel: Dignity and Peer Support  Karen Cox, Constantin Nastic, and Laurie Fortnum  (no presentation available).

Reflections on dignity and the uniqueness of dignity work in peer approaches, its impact on workplace culture and peer worker retention, and a family perspective.


PREFER Summit – Evaluation 2012_(Kate Storey)


Setting Limits in Peer Support Kathryn Storey


Keynote Speaker: Stephane Grenier  Making Space for Peer Support — Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada)


Activism in Peer Support :The Responsibility of Making Change Becky McFarlane  (no presentation available)


For presentations from The Dignity Workshop on Friday September 21, click here: Peers as Dignity Workers (9.21.12) and Friday – Boundaries in Peer Support Relationships_edited and PREFER Summit – Evaluation 2012

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