The Culture of Recovery ( project advances an agenda for change to systems as well as for people experiencing mental health problems and substance abuse. The Culture of Recovery project intends to form a new set of values and principles consistent with a recovery perspective: autonomy and empowerment; building hope and living from a position of wellness not illness.

Please see the tab “Background” for a history of this project, dating back to 2006, and “Home” for an introduction to the framework of Building a Culture of Recovery Together. The article below goes into some depth on the philosophical underpinnings of using wellness recovery education as a grassroots tool to transform the traditional mental health service delivery system while at the same time enhancing and advancing recovery in the lives of those who use these services.

Before you read the article, here are 2 brief presentations on approaches to building a culture of recovery within our communities.

Tanya Shute

Ann Thompson – Part 1

Ann Thompson – Part 2

Building a Culture of Recovery Article

You may also be interested in checking out some model centres for recovery education and training in the USA, that are just starting to receive funding to provide wellness recovery education state-wide.


Transformation Center – be sure to also check out the 6 regional Recovery Learning Communities connected with it!


Focus On Recovery – United, Inc