WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Plan



WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It’s a program that was developed in Vermont, USA, in 1997 by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of friends who had all experienced the mental health system. WRAP is now recognized as an exemplary practice and has been widely implemented throughout 50 states in the USA, UK, and New Zealand. The WRAP program involves an educational and planning process that is grounded in mental health recovery concepts such as hope, education, empowerment, self-advocacy, and interpersonal support and connection. Within a group setting, individuals explore self-help tools (eg. peer counseling, focusing exercises, relaxation & stress reduction techniques) and resources for keeping themselves well and for helping themselves feel better in difficult times.

WRAP Factsheet:

  • Recognized as an emerging best practice in the USA
  • Has a research evidence base that shows WRAP leads to behavioral or attitudinal change – hopefully ongoing research will explore the efficacy and effectiveness of WRAP in promoting recovery.
  • Copeland sums up WRAP with these words:
    For a person who has been in the system a long time, WRAP is often a person’s first introduction to the idea that their own ideas and views have value, and that they can make their own decisions and move on with their recovery. It can be the initial step in the recovery process”.
  • WRAP has a certification component for Facilitators including:
  • Introduction to WRAP & Mental Health Recovery – 16 hours (3 days) – Level I
  • WRAP Facilitators Certification Training – 4-5 day workshop, depending on numbers
  • WRAP resources include videos, books, training manuals and a chat-line.
  • Contacts for WRAP: www.mentalhealthrecovery.com
  • Copeland Center: www.copelandcenter.com
  • Ontario contact: Ann Thompson athompson23@hotmail.com

 WRAP Evidence-Base

WRAP Evaluation – Evaluating Wrap workshops conducted by the Culture of Recovery Project

• Vermont Recovery Education Project
Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc., and the Vermont Department of Developmental and Mental Health Services

• Mental Illness Self-Management Through Wellness Recovery Action Planning – Judith Cook Ph.D.

 WRAP Stories & Articles

In this section we hope to build a home for WRAP stories and articles written by our own Ontario WRAPPERS and from others across this country as well! We have a few to get started with and really highly encourage contributions to grow this section!

What Mental Health Recovery Means to Me – Thanks to WRAP! by Lisa Duncan

Recovery and WRAP Stories from www.mentalhealthrecovery.com

Out of the Ashes by Diana Miller

Post Crisis Planning by Richard Hart

Recovery Begins by Susan Campbell

Mental Mountain by Bobbie Gallion

WRAP and Fibromyalgia Recovery Story by Catherine Hewitt

Inspiration Ideation: A Looking Forward to Life by Kim Cavanaugh

April’s WRAP Story by April Elliott

It’s Never to Late to Start a Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Colleen Jasper

Living Through the Rough Places of Life and Recovery by Cindi Apruzzese

Two Dollars and a Glimmer of Hope by Deb Colvin

Exploring Creativity: Otis Redfern’s Story by Carol Bailey Floyd

Upcoming WRAP Trainings

 Network of Ontario WRAP Facilitators

In this section we hope to build a forum for discussion about WRAP, a listing of upcoming trainings and recovery events that would be of interest to our growing team of Ontario WRAP facilitators/recovery educators.

WRAP groups are now being offered in the following areas across Ontario. There are currently over 250 certified WRAP Facilitators and most of them are in the process of identifying possible locations/services where WRAP would be a good fit. A regional network contact has been listed for each area. Please contact this person in order to find out specifically where groups are being held and for a list of local facilitators.

Thunder Bay area

– Susan Marshall smarshall@cmhaff.ca


– North East Ontario Consumer/Survivor Network
Ellen Cohen neonorg@yahoo.ca
Groups in Sudbury, North Bay, Huntsville

Barrie – Simcoe area

– Gina Frederick gfrederick@cmhasim.on.ca
Groups in Early Psychosis Prog. and CMHA Simcoe programs

– Laura Adamson adamson_7@sympatico.ca


– Cyndi Rowntree crowntree@mhcp.on.ca
Groups in MHCP, inpatient and community settings

Richmond Hill, York region

– Tanya Shute Krasmancentre.com Groups at the Krasman Centre, York Region, Alliston


– Ann Thompson athompson23@hotmail.com

– Nicki Casseres ncasseres@gersteincentre.org (day & evening groups)

– Theresa Claxton theresa.claxton@sympatico.ca (North York Gen. groups)

– Tom Allen tallen@cmha-toronto.net (What’s Next Drop-in, CMHA Toronto)


– Fiona Wilson fwilson@stjosham.on.ca (St. Joe’s Healthcare)


– Shirley Hannigan shirley.hannigan@shipshey.ca
Supportive Housing In Peel, SHIP


– Candy Williams mscane@gmail.com


– Dimitrios Kallikragas jkallikragas@peterborough.cmha.on.ca


– Jackie Cooligan, Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa (PSO) jackiepso@gmail.com groups in Cornwall, Smiths Falls, CMHA Ottawa, Mood Disorders Association and more….

London & Southwestern Alliance Network

– Barbara Frampton barbframpton@execulink.com