Recovery Models

Contrary to what we often hear, there is more than one “Recovery Model”. Since the late 1990’s much work has gone into trying to conceptualize the process of recovery. Here is a collection of 5 different models for recovery.

• The Ohio model is a clinical recovery model with lots of detail. Ohio Department of Mental Health Recovery Process Model

• The Maine model was developed by a group of psychiatric/survivors and researchers and describes a journey to recovery from the perspective of the survivor.
Maine Recovery Advisory Group Recovery Model

• The PACE model is a unique psychiatric/survivor explanation of the recovery process developed by the National Empowerment Center.
PACE – Personal Assistance in Community Existence

• A Conceptual Model of Recovery by Jacobson & Greenley (2001) presents a model developed to aid the state of Wisconsin in moving towards its goal of developing a recovery-oriented mental health system.
see Jacobson & Greenley article

• The Tidal Model has evolved from the nursing profession in the UK. This website also lists helpful recovery websites that have lots of recovery information & recovery story links.