Here are 3 collections of recovery measures that can be used to explore, evaluate, and research the implementation of recovery standards in any organization. See more reports on measures in the Clearing-house.

“Measuring the Promise: A Compendium of Recovery Measures, Volume II” 2005

This compendium offers an update to PN-43, Can We Measure Recovery? A Compendium of Recovery and Recovery-Related Instruments (Ralph, Kidder, & Phillips, 2000). Following a discussion of the need for recovery measures, Volume II offers a synopsis of the November 2004 invitational conference Measuring the Promise: Assessing Recovery and Self-Determination Instruments for Evidence-Based Practices. Reviews of the instruments themselves follow this section. The instruments are divided into two categories: measures of individual recovery and measures of recovery-promoting environments. Volume II concludes with recommendations for further developments in the measurement of recovery.
Free download available at: ( The Evaluation Center)
1) click on Toolkits & Materials in the top tabs
2) Type PN-55 in the search box (Toolkits & Materials) to the right
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“Can We Measure Recovery? A Compendium of Recovery and Recovery-Related Instruments” by Ralph, R., Kidder, K., & Phillips, D. (2000) – free download.
Same website & directions as above – type PN-43