Shery Mead, a long-time psychiatric survivor activist from New Hampshire, has been doing some great work in the area of peer support over the past 10 years – she calls it Intentional Peer Support (IPS). When Shery was in Richmond Hill this August for a week of IPS training, we were fortunate to have her video-taped as she helped explain the concept of IPS to us.

Below are some of her key works and you can learn more about Shery on her website


Peer Support: A Systemic Approach
Peer Support: What Makes It Unique?
Crisis and Connection
Rights, Research and Liberation
Peer Support: A Theoretical Perspective
Defining Peer Support
Peer Support and a Socio-Political Response to Trauma and Abuse
Discovering the Fidelity Standards of Peer Support in an Ethnographic Evaluation
What Recovery Means To Us